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Picture Below is a list of testimonials from past and current students of the International College of Herbal Medicine...

"Dear Isla and other Mentors,
First of all, I would like to thank you all for the quality organisation and content of the study material.
In the library I was surprised to find the original material that I use as a physician (Lancet, Jama, BMJ etc.) and beginning herbalist (Principle and Practice of Phytotherapy by S.Mills&K.Bone etc.)
Before choosing your College, I checked many correspondence courses around the world through the net. ICOHM impressed me as a professional one and as soon as I worked through the first lesson, it confirmed my expectations.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Elina Tsimmerman, Israel

"I also appreciated Tom's willingness to help with suggestions for a couple of baby clients and his added in comments on my answers. So, the module was great, Tom's help excellent and I'm left with good resources for the future, thanks."
Glenda Wright,
Naturopath, NZ

"The course is going well.... deeply, slowly, thoroughly! I find each little facet of one case study instigates another bit of research to really understand the significance of the pharmaceutical, the person's age, the condition. At first I was surprised at how often we are required to deal with drugs, this is a challenge for me as I don't have the background. The unit forced me to get into the 'pharmacodynamics' of the plants……" "I was skeptical about on-line learning, but found that the quality of the connection with the instructor was superb. I liked the fact that she provided sample answers from her experience, and from other students, as well as providing feedback on my particular answers."
Trudy Watts, Canada.

"I found the course highly informative and instructive."
Dr. Joanna Maderska, Australia

"I am really enjoying the course, it is really informative and the science is such high quality, its great!"
"I like the course - great approach for learning and integrating practical and useful information."
Renee Watson, UK
Researcher, National Cancer Research Institute of the UK.

"I would like to say that the units flowed into each other very well I think it was also smart to have the Materia Medica and Clinical Vignettes (which I would consider more 'fun', although challenging) with Herb/Drug Interactions (which I had to 'force' myself to do, although once into it would not have missed it for the world)."
Jennifer Scott, Canada

"Women's health has been very interesting especially the dietary aspects"
Dr. Jan Lavery, NZ

"I have greatly enjoyed your warm inspiring mentoring..."
Danielle McCutcheon, USA

"Love the course. It is just what I need in paediatrics"
Lorie Crawford, Canada
Health Practitioner

"I like the questions and format and I'm enjoying the unit very much. Each unit is offering completely new challenges. Never a dull moment!"
Gwen Kirkham, New Zealand
Ultrasound specialist.

"I'm grateful to have found the ICOHM and look forward to deeper and deeper immersion into clinical herbalism… I have started in on the course and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. It's definitely sparked some great conversation and discussion in our home as I contemplate my project."
Lindi Hobogwana, USA
Medical Assistant

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